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Mobile App Design and Development

Mobile devices have already had a tremendous impact on our culture and its social dynamics. Recent rapid growth in the mobile device market has been driven primarily by the limitless ways in more...

Java Programming

This course teaches students how to develop Java applications. Topics covered include the Java programming language syntax, OO programming using Java, exception handling, file input/output, threads, more...

Web Development

This course presents introductions to many of the basic concepts, issues and techniques related to designing, developing and deploying websites. During the course, students will learn about Web design, more...

Linux System Administration

Linux System Administration is designed for IT professionals who are new to Linux and require core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills.Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace.more...




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About Us

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About TechDera

TechDera is Afghanistan’s dynamic community technology center providing lifelong learning and professional development opportunities for children, youth and adults. Established in 2011 in Kabul, TechDera is a multipurpose facility allowing both Afghan men and women access to diverse programs and services that can provide technology support and social and economic benefits.

Using state-of-the-art information communication technologies, TechDera creates a new generation of community leaders, develops technology and management skills of its members and clients. It provides career development opportunities, mentoring and counseling services, Internet and technology access, networking opportunities and knowledge resources.

TechDera is a common platform for professionals, academics, business community, civil society players, policymakers, public workers, political activists, and the mass media actors. It provides our citizens with a unique opportunity to achieve both personal and professional development goals.

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Regenerating Afghanistan's Economic Development Through Online Entrepreneurship

27th of January 2014

Technology offers a diverse opportunity to increase economic development and Afghanistan is embracing this change.

Through the promotion of technology as a tool for this development TechDera takes an innovate approach to help Afghan's develop their skills and capacity. We were pleased to deliver a half day workshop on "Online Entrepreneurship" on Jan 26, 2015. The workshop was aimed at encouraging young entrepreneurs to explore innovative ways of using technology. Mr. Fouad Bajwa, a renowned international ICT expert, introduced participants to how online work and entrepreneurship can be used to generate income-independent of your location in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has a rapidly growing youth labour force with reports (International Labour Organization Report, 2012) estimating the country has over 400,000 new labour market entrants each year, it therefore becomes important for the country to create new employment opportunities to meet this high demand. And it is our belief that the development of online business's and tech sets-ups can positively transform this situation.

Over the last ten years Afghanistan, practically its youth generation has embraced technology usage and the power the internet can offer. Internet usage itself has grown from an estimated 200,000 in 2006 to over 1.8 million in 2012. (Internews Report, 2012) With this growing trend and the opportunity for Online Entrepreneurship development TechNation's President, Omar Mansoor Ansari, believes,

Technology provides a unique employment opportunity for youth. Teaching young women and men on how they can earn an income through working online can help address Afghanistan's unemployment challenges. This is what we need to work on.

Omar Mansoor Ansari

Over the last few years the development of online and tech start-up companies has seen success in a number of African countries with Nigeria and Kenya demonstrating how new companies have been able to attract foreign investment and boost their country's economy. (Penn Society for International Development, 2012)

TechDera is a community technology centre by TechNation. TechDera is a common platform for professionals, academics, business community, civil society players, policymakers, public workers, political activists, and mass media actors. Providing unique opportunities for Afghan's to achieve both personal and professional development goals. Our Online Entrepreneurship Workshop provided participants with a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and learn how they can create or improve their employment and help add economic development to their communities.

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